COVID-19 Contingency Plan In Place – Updated 14th December 2021

Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone’s support, donations, and kind words during these strange times.  Our aim is to keep your loved ones and our staff safe and COVID free.

We are currently continuing to follow the government advice. 

Although the government have relaxed some areas of businesses, this does not currently include Care Homes.

The below measures are still in place:

We have stopped all but essential visits who are having to adhere to strict protocols. 

Anyone who walks into the home are temperature checked with a non-touch thermometer, and if their reading is above 37.2 degrees Celsius they are refused entry including staff members. 

Any staff member who are off sick with COVID-19 symptoms are told to get tested immediately. They are only permitted back to work once we receive a negative test result.

Residents & staff are temperature checked multiple times during each day.

Staff are COVID tested weekly and Residents are tested monthly.

Essential visitors i.e. Community Nurses, etc., are asked to wear PPE and are only allowed to visit the specified area which they need access to. 

The Function room has now been set up as a changing room facility for our staff, who now have to enter from this entrance and change into their uniforms, and before their shift finishes they have to change out of their uniforms and exit from there.

We have hand sanitiser stations throughout the home, and have added additional stations. 

We have increased our domestic hours to keep all surfaces and areas clean and sanitised and all staff are aware of the need for stringent infection control.

We have signed up to additional companies for supplies of food and PPE to make sure we do not run out.  We have sufficient supplies of PPE and food and we continuing to purchase extra so we do not run out.

We have stopped all day care for the time being – this will be reviewed. 

We remain open for permanent residents pre-screened and safe admissions, they will need to have been tested negative of COVID-19 before they are admitted into Down Hall.

We have upgraded our internet just before the pandemic and have devices for our residents to stay connected with their loved ones via video calling. 

Delivery drivers are told to deliver all goods outside the home.

Post is delivered outside the home into a clear box we have at the entrance. 

I hope you all understand the robust measures we have in place, and hopefully we can soon get back to some sense of normality.  However, the virus has not gone away and due to the vulnerability of our residents we need to continue to be vigilant and follow the current measures in place.

Covid-19 Visiting Guidelines– Updated 14th December 2021

Please visit the below website to see the current Government guidance on care home visiting.
Yours sincerely,
Nimesh Patel – Director
Pritesh Patel – Director
Karen Johnson – Care Home Manager
Sue Freeman – Deputy Manager